Business law and contract law

A good contract not only creates the right expectations, but also is the foundation of your trading transactions. By proactively seeking advice and adequately and thoroughly writing all agreements with your trading partners, your company will face fewer problems every day.

A business law and contract law lawyer

Advocom guides you in business law in the broadest sense of the word, starting from precontractual advice and negotiations to the drafting of national and international commercial contracts, company take-overs, distribution agreements, commercial agency contracts, loan contracts, undertaking contracts, tenancy agreements, lease agreements, service agreements, sale-purchase agreements, real estate development, etc. Our expertise extends across a broad range of contracts.

Legal assistance in contractual conflicts

Besides providing pre-contractual advice and proper drafting of contracts, our lawyers can also assist in resolving contractual disputes in business and contract law. To ensure a time and cost-efficient solution we start with a thorough analysis of mediation possibilities or extrajudicial negotiation. In addition, we represent your interests in legal proceedings.

Business lawyer and contract lawyer?

Other expertises

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