A mediated solution is better than lengthy legal proceedings. A mediator creates a confidential environment, offers the opportunity to all parties to have their say and guides them in drawing up an agreement that everyone can agree with.

Mediation: a straight line to an amicable solution 

Mediation is a method by which, in principle, the parties resolve their dispute among themselves, with the intervention of a mediator. This independent third party guides the parties confidentially towards a mutual agreement. Mediation is an efficient and constructive way of conflict resolution with the  result that the underlying relationship remains intact as much as possible.

Advocom, mediation by an experienced lawyer

Although mediation is an accessible way to resolve disputes, this technique requires the necessary professional knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is best to turn to an expert who combines a negotiation talent with the appropriate legal knowledge and is recognized by the Federal Commission for Mediation. Advocom 's 3 recognized mediators have been applying this method consistently for years, both in the civil, commercial and family context and in complex contract negotiations. They are also regularly appointed by the courts as a judicial mediator.

Mediation lawyer?

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