Real estate law

A (co-)owner of land, a house or an industrial site, will sooner or later be confronted with various real estate issues. In such case, a specialized real estate lawyer is not an unnecessary luxury.

All-round real estate law

Advocom assists you quickly and efficiently for simple and complex real estate agreements, undertaking agreements and project development. Our law firm has the necessary expertise in various real estate issues, such as purchase and sale, leases (ordinary law leases, housing leases, commercial leases and farming leases), architecture issues, building, project development and emphytheusis. We offer in depth analysis, solution-oriented thinking and specialized advice in the negotiation and editing of various real estate contracts. 

Real estate lawyer 

Real estate conflicts often give rise to complex procedures. Our lawyers have an extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations and defend your interests in disputes about building, easements, demarcations, joint ownership or expropriations. We are also familiar with environmental issues (soil investigations, soil certificates, etc.) and we work closely with all stakeholders to unburden you.

Real estate lawyer with extensive experience?

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