Family law and family property law

Families are dynamic, both in terms of wealth and form of cohabitation. Divorce, estate planning or inheritance issues? A family lawyer and a family property lawyer open the dialogue and guide you to the best, well-founded solution, always with integrity. 

Advising, consulting and mediating

Every family is unique. Advocom starts from your particular family situation, wealth structure and form of cohabitation, and keeps the balance between rational decisions and emotional consequences. Our lawyers proactively guide families towards a desirable, workable solution, from marriage contracts, liquidations and divisions, inheritance clauses and last will clauses to the organization of the matrimonial property.

An amicable agreement creates long-term peace of mind. That is why Advocom initially plays a restorative and mediating role. We listen to your questions, we bring all the parties around the table and we look for a comprehensive and amicable solution which everyone can accept.

Family law and family property law

If a conflict cannot be resolved amicably, we will fully apply our expertise during legal proceedings. In addition, with respect and serenely, we will seek a legal solution which, as much as possible, leaves intact the underlying relationships so that messy divorces or destructive disputes over inheritance, descent or parental problems can be avoided as much as possible.   

Besides specialized legal advice and assistance in litigation, our firm offers independent family mediation.

Divorce lawyer, inheritance lawyer and matrimonial property lawyer?

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