Company law and M&A

A company is a dynamic tool for growth and entrepreneurship, but often also a source of conflict. To put your company on the right track, it is best to call on an experienced company lawyer.

A to Z company law and M&A

Advice, negotiation and expert drafting: Advocom has many years of experience and expertise in company agreements and M&A. Whether it involves an incorporation or a dissolution, a shareholders' agreement or a management agreement, an acquisition or transfer, an amendment to the articles of association, our attorneys build a bridge between all stakeholders and support both profit – and non- profit company structures.

Advocom's primary objective is to avoid or neutralize conflicts before they lead to legal proceedings.  Company law disputes are therefore first negotiated out of court, then possibly mediated and only in the last instance are subject to litigation in court if necessary.

Company lawyer and M&A?

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