Luc Savelkoul 

Luc Savelkoul has been a lawyer since 1982 at the Bar in Hasselt (now Limburg) and was president of the Bar Council in Hasselt from 2000 to 2002. He has a master of laws (KUL) and is a founding partner of Advocom.

Luc is a full blood generalist in a multitude of legal disciplines: from proceedings before the justice of the peace courts to assisting clients in proceedings before the Assize Court. He has special expertise in civil law such as inheritance law, family property law, corporate law and contracts. Luc also assists his clients in commercial disputes, victim defence and issues with the government, such as permit problems.

Bert Vandenreyt

Bert Vandenreyt is a lawyer and receiver. He graduated from KUL in 1991 and completed his education with a post-graduate degree in taxation at the Tax School in Brussels and he also has a mediation degree in civil and commercial matters. He is a partner of Advocom.

Bert is mainly active in insolvency law as a receiver and judicial trustee. In addition, he has many years of experience in construction and contract disputes.

In addition to his core business, he is also the syndic of the Steering Committee of Receivers and a member of the Council of the Bar Association of the Bar of Limburg (treasurer).

Joost Verheyen

Joost Verheyen is a lawyer and recognized mediator in civil and commercial matters. He graduated cum laude from KUL in 1994. He is a partner of Advocom.

His expertise lies in a spectrum of problems related to contractual and extra-contractual liability law, insurance law relating to traffic, the medical world, construction, work accidents and assessment of material and physical damages.

Lieven Bogaert

Lieven Bogaert is an experienced lawyer. Besides his master of laws (FNDP Namur, KUL , Universität Heidelberg), he has carried out additional studies in tax law (FHS Brussels) and has a degree in Business Administration (MBA Uhasselt). Lieven has followed a course as a mediator in civil and commercial matters and obtained a Data Protection Officer certificate from the Data Protection Institute. He is a partner of Advocom.

For more than 25 years he has specialized in commercial contracts and M&A (mergers and acquisitions), both at the Bar and in the private sector (as a consultant for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte and as a corporate finance lawyer for LRM).

Oliver Vandenhoudt

Oliver Vandenhoudt is a lawyer and recognized mediator in civil and commercial matters. He graduated from KUL and the Université Robert Schuman in Strasbourg in 1998. He is a partner of Advocom.

He focuses on companies, undertakings, family matters and criminal law. Problems are initially negotiated. If this does not work, the best solution is sought quickly and decisively. Oliver is regularly appointed by the courts as judicial mediator in family matters.

Ruben Bogaerts

Ruben Bogaerts has been a lawyer since 2003. He graduated cum laude in 2002 at KUL. He obtained an additional degree in tax law in 2003 (KUL) and a degree in company law (KUL and KUB) in 2005. He is a partner of Advocom.

He is mainly active in commercial and economic law, company law and real estate law (lease, contracting and property law).

Peter Vlietinck

Peter Vlietinck graduated in 2007 and started his career within the international office Loyens & Loeff in Brussels. In addition to his master of law (KULAK, KUL and Université de Fribourg), he has a special degree in Tax Management (Solvay Business School) and a degree in economic law (ULB). Peter is a partner of Advocom.

He specializes in corporate law, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and conducting commercial disputes. Peter is also an established mediator in civil and commercial matters since 2020.

Finally, besides being the author of various legal contributions and a speaker at study days, Peter is also a lecturer at the Limburg Bar School and has been an assistant at the KUL for some time.


Ann Noé

Ann is a lawyer and receiver. She started at the bar in 2000, after studies in Antwerp (UFSIA and UIA) and Leuven (KUL). She also has an additional licence in social law from the VUB. Ann is an associate of Advocom.

Her expertise within the firm focuses mainly on problems related to labour law, social security law and bankruptcies.

Isabel Gieraerts

Isabel Gieraerts is a lawyer. She obtained a master of laws cum laude (KUL and Universitat de Barcelona). Isabel is an associate of Advocom.

After a broad internship training, where she gained experience in the most diverse cases, she gradually built up a special expertise in administrative and environmental law.

Isabel mainly handles cases related to government and administration. She focuses, among other, on disputes regarding space planning, environment, expropriation, public procurement and educational disputes. Isabel also assists clients with all aspects of real estate and construction projects and also handles agricultural and lease cases.

Jan Byvoet

Jan Byvoet has been a lawyer since 2008. He graduated in 2007 (KUL) with a master of laws and as part of his education he continued at the Université René Descartes in Paris. Additionally, he obtained a degree in tax law at KUL (2008) and completed a postgraduate degree of receiver-liquidator (2014). Jan is an associate of Advocom.

He is mainly active in the areas of commercial and economic law, insolvency law and contracting and construction law.

Besides being a lawyer, he is a member of the Council of Bar Association of the Limburg Bar.

Brecht Schildermans

Brecht Schildermans obtained a master of law degree at the KUL in 2012. Since then, he is a lawyer at the Bar of Limburg. Additionally, in 2016 Brecht obtained a magna cum laude degree in company law at the KUL (campus Brussels) and followed the post-graduate course of receiver-liquidator in 2018. Brecht is an associate of Advocom.

Brecht mainly handles civil law cases (including contract and business law) as well as commercial and economic law (ranging from debt collection to economic criminal law) cases.

Brecht has been working as a teaching assistant at the KUL (Institute for Judicial Law) since 2019


Ilse Kerkhofs

Ilse Kerkhofs has been a lawyer and receiver at the Limburg Bar since 2002.

She is an expert in general legal practice and over the years has built experience in various legal areas, with particular expertise in insolvency law and businesses in difficulties.

Since August 2011, she has been regularly appointed as receiver by the Commercial Court of Antwerp, division Tongeren.

Joey Garcia

Joey Garcia has been a lawyer at the Limburg Bar since 2004.

Joey has over 10 years of experience in a wide range of cases. He specializes in general civil law and family law as well as family property law in particular.

Thomas Van Boven

Thomas Van Boven has been a lawyer at the Limburg Bar since 2018. He obtained his master of law degree in 2018 (KUL), with a focus on economic and criminal law. He also obtained a degree in company law in Brussels (2020).

Eline Verhelst

Eline Verhelst has been a lawyer at the bar in Limburg since 2020. She obtained her master of law (KULeuven), with a focus on Criminal Law and Economic Law


Kristine Specogna

Marie-Kristine is responsible for the daily administration of Luc Savelkoul and Oliver Vandenhoudt.

Fabrizia Caruso

Fabrizia takes care of the daily administration of Joost Verheyen.

Sylvie Aerts 

Sylvie takes care of the daily administration of Bert Vandenreyt.

Heidi Lammens

Heidi is our independent accountant and contact person for financial administration

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